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Garmin nüvi 2595

I have owned a Garmin nüvi 2595LMT for a few months. Overall this GPS unit is just great: large screen, good GPS reception, easy-to-use user interface. I especially appreciate to be able to reorganize the “Where To” menu, possibly including shortcuts to my favorite destinations at the top level.

However there are two annoying defects in the software:

  • everytime you touch the screen for interacting with the unit, the nüvi 2595 emits a loud, unpleasant beep. This beep is useless, but there's no option to turn it off or even to lower its volume! All you can do is reduce or mute the overall audio volume, but in that case you lose spoken driving directions as well...
  • Garmin maps contain speed limits for certain roads, and the nüvi 2595 displays the relevant traffic sign. The traffic sign turns red if you're above the limit. This is great, but you have to look at the GPS screen to get the message. There should be an audio alarm!

These two basic “features” are present on some nüvi units, they aren't on others, and their presence seems to be pretty much random. Even if you have a high-end unit like the nüvi 2595, you're not assured to have them.

Dear Garmin, that's ridiculous. The cost of these features is close to nil. Just spend the needed hour to implement them, and deploy them in the next software update.

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