Christophe Jacquet
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The present site is for my personal activities only, and has no links with my professional activities or employer, present or past. Opinions expressed are strictly mine.

Christophe Jacquet en 2008.

Short presentation

Computer science & technology enthusiast (aka “geek”), amateur photograph, trainspotter, amateur radio. Knowledge sharing advocate.

I graduated as an engineer from Supélec (now CentraleSupélec, Paris Saclay campus) in 2003. In my student years, I was tech lead and system administrator of Supélec Rézo, the network connecting Supélec's student residences. I hold a PhD thesis in Computer Science (2006), following a research project conducted at Supélec and LIMSI-CNRS.

Professional activities: lecturer in the academia (2003-2014), engineer in a web/cloud company (2014-). Location: Switzerland.

Elsewhere on the Web

Research page
Research projects, publications.
RDS Surveyor
RDS Surveyor is a Radio Data System (RDS) decoding and analysis platform. The Radio Data System is used to associate metadata to FM radio broadcasts.
Experimental FM-RDS Transmitter for the Raspberry Pi.
Decoder of the POCSAG protocol, written in Java. This program is experimental; it is made available for experimental purposes only.
Mont-Blanc Express, the train of the Mont-Blanc valleys
My website about the Saint-Gervais - Chamonix - Vallorcine - Martigny railway.
Linux VTPlayer™ driver
The VTPlayer™ was a mouse for blind people, with tactile pads. I have developed a Linux driver for this device, that works under Linux 2.6.
User page on the French-speaking Wikipedia [fr]
I have been involved with Wikipedia since 2004, actively contributing to the French version of the encyclopedia.
Métadonnées et Dublin Core [fr]
An article about web page metadata, published within the Openweb web standards advocacy initiative.
Sav'Hourra [fr]
My wife publishes tasty recipies.
My CV on LinkedIn
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