Christophe Jacquet — Software

I enjoy writing code a lot. Therefore I have started a few open source projects on my free time. They are hosted on various services (Sourceforge, Google Code, GitHub).

An FM-RDS transmitter using the Raspberry Pi’s PWM. Written in C.
Experimental POCSAG decoder. POCSAG is a radio paging protocol used commercially and by amateur radios. Written in Java.
RDS Surveyor
Versatile Radio Data System decoder/analyzer. It includes a Java/Swing front end, the protocol analyzer itself, and drivers that connect to modified radios or control USB FM receivers. Written in Java (decoder) and C (JNI drivers).
VTPlayer driver
A Linux driver for a mouse with tactile pad that was aimed at blind users. Compatible with Linux 2.6.22 — I will update it if there are potential users! Written in C.
A lightweight, easy-to-use Java library that allows one to plot geographical data using Universal Transverse Mercator projections. Written in Java.
A set of Python libraries and tools for demodulating radio signals. It does not intend to compete with full-featured packages such as GNU Radio. Instead, it strives to allow radio enthusiasts to gain hands-on experience with modulation schemes. Written in Python.
Calliope Scansio
An automatic Latin scansion program, designed in collaboration with a Latin professor. Written in Python.
A Post Office Protocol (POP3) server for education. Written in Java.
An IR Identification System; the open source design covers hardware, firmware (written in C and PIC assembly) and application software (written in Java).


Archive: the educational software I developed in the 1990s.

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